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  1. hi, here,though we do not have experience with you,and we do not know you well,but It is a Chance that I find you mention about our company,I need say something that you say” Chinese /Chinglish site” I do not know whether your mother language is English,i also do not know where are you from, but i should tell you, in the world,many people do not know English,and many people do not speak English, our customers are not only from English speaking country, but also they are from non-english speaking country, the customers who cooperted with us are from all over the world, such as Ireland,Sweden,Denmark,Germany,Swiss,Russian,Poland,Romania,Bulgaria,Greece,Hungary,chile,India,Pakistan,Thailand,UAE,Israel,Vietnam,thailand ,Brazil ,Japan,China and so on
    many of our customers do not speak English, and some of them only can chat or send emails by translating their words into English, but ,dear, It does not matter on our good communication , Thanks to Google translator ,it can help us translate what we want to express into English,then we know what they want to say.
    of couse,we have customers from English-speaking country ,like USA,Canda,Australia and so on, they speak English fluently, it is their mother language,of course ,they can do well on this

    can you speak fluently on Chinese? i know that you can’t. learning Chinese is not easy for some foreigner friends, and learning English is also not easy for us non Engish speaking country people

    so in a word,chinglish or not chinglish is not important

    even we can’t express us fluently as English speaking country people do, but it does not matter on communicating with them,we can know well each other by gesture or by sending photos to confirm items details
    Sincerely hope that what I say today can make you understood


    1. Ellen, thanks for the comment.

      I am well aware that there are many many people in the world that don’t read/speak English, and I don’t think English is superior to any other language. English is, however, the only language I am at all fluent in.

      Because English is the only language I’m fluent in, I write in English, and so I expect most of my readers are quite likely to speak/read English, and less likely to speak/read Chinese. So, I wanted to convey to them that your site, while accessible, might also present some challenges. But understand, I linked to it because I thought some of my readers would find your site worthwhile, no matter the challenges of imperfect translation.

  2. Thank you very much!

    you are very good and kind friend! Hope that you can come visit China some day!

    we will try our best to learn English well ! thank you again!

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